About Koha

Koha is an Open Source Integrated Library System (http://www.koha-community.org); we migrated our nine libraries to it from our previous ILS, Winnebago Circ/Cat. We’ve created this page due to frequent questions from our library colleagues about our migration.

To test drive our Koha catalog, visit http://catalog.ccfls.org. Currently it contains about 300,000 materials.

We are running dev_week, a transitional version of Koha that uses the Zebra indexing engine to increase search speed with larger collections. The next official release of Koha (3.0) will also use Zebra. Dev_week is available via cvs at http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/koha. Currently our custom Intranet template is only available in dev_week and Koha 2.2. Our public catalog uses a version of Nelsonville Public Library’s template. We are presently in the midst of upgrading to Koha 3.

Our on-staff developer, Kyle Hall, has created Koha-Tools, a suite of tools to be used in conjunction with Koha. It includes our migration scripts, an offline circulation module, reports, and a WordPress search plugin, among many other things.

He has also put together a vmware image of Koha 2.2.9, available here: http://kylehall.info/index.php/projects/koha/koha-virtual-appliance

Our server is running Ubuntu Dapper Drake LTS, amd64-server edition. It has dual 2.0ghz AMD Opteron 246 processors and 6 GB memory.


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